Match Report
Woodbridge School Girls Junior 1 vs  Royal Hospital School
On: Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019
Venue: Away

The Junior 1st team had a clinical second half performance against RHS to get a deserved win. The team started well with players trying to do the right thing in attack but the detail was just lacking – the pass given just too early, or players being just to close, sticks not quite on the floor despite being in the right place, etc. Defensively the team played brilliantly. Rose, Lara and Scarlett at the back kept things solid with their marking, tackling and confident distribution. As substitutions were made details could be discussed how to make the attacking play a bit more clinical. Half time, the score still 0-0, gave the group a chance to discuss the small things that needed to be adjusted to make the already good play even better. And the second half was almost perfect! Nancy was strong in midfield and upfront in attack and also in the defensive press, winning lots of ball and then varying what she did with it; pass or run. This made her very hard to contain. Lara stepped into midfield and attack well and threatened with her creative play. Charlotte P and Charlotte H kept doing great work at outside midfield. Charlotte P linked up well with Molly up the right while Charlotte H and Nancy kept finding Georgie in space. The forwards got better outcomes and Woodbridge kept the pressure on. Lola worked very hard to support in attack and fill positions in the D, and also recycle the ball to keep possession.

Charlotte H put away a reverse stick effort halfway through the second half to give Woodbridge the lead. A subdued silence fell over the pitch as this goal seemed to stun RHS despite Woodbridge’s dominance. Woodbridge created more chances and perhaps would have been happier with a few more goals. But ultimately disciplined and structured defence, work rate to get back and put pressure on and clear balls allowed Woodbridge to walk away 1-0 winners. From the forwards at the front being low and strong to set up the press to the defenders at the back stepping up and intercepting and tackling to Lexie in goal making key saves, every single player has a part to play in a good team win. The team and players have improved so much since the start of the year. They try to play the right way and this day they were rewarded for all their efforts.

Lots of players competed for Player of the Match. Rose, Scarlett and Lara all played well as we have come to expect now. Charlotte P was excellent again, doing the simple things well. Nancy managed the game and her play in a mature manner and did so many good things. But in the end Player of the Match went to Charlotte H for her leadership on the pitch, work rate, decision making and play making.

Well done to every player and thanks to parents who supported us at RHS.